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Let me just say, it was the most amazing night of my whole entire life.
It was my 17th time seeing ADTR and the greatest time yet!
Seriously, like okay here’s what happened;

So, I got there at like 10:30ish in the morning because me and my two friends; Becky&Becky, we had to be there first! We wanted to beat the boys to Starland, but we got into an accident coming home from their upstate, NY show so we kinda had to deal with that and stuff. Okay, so we got there and just waited and waited and waited. We went to the tour bus around like 3:15ish and I saw feet come out of their tour bus and I go, “I SEE LITTLE FEET! IT’S NEIL!” Lmfaoo, and than I watched Jeremy walk out of the tour bus to the venue. Whatever, I was annoyed I just let the both of them go, but whatever it’s okay! So doors finally fucking open at 6:45, and me and the Beckys were the first ones in and I got my spot right in between Kevin & Jeremy! So I have NEVER been front row for them, so I was so fucking excited and hyped, like I felt like I was going to throw up. Okay, so the opening bands went on, Stray From The Path were madd fucking good, expect the lead singer stage dived and kicked me in the head like 90000 times, that’s still okay because they were fucking dope! Okay anyway, SO ADTR comes out, it was just amazing as fucking hell! So, Jeremy was like really fucking phenomenal with his stage performance, like legit getting the crowd involved. Ughhh, it was perfect! So like, my goal was to get Kevin to notice me because every single time I see ADTR, I scream KEVIN, hoping he notices/hears me and he never does, so like, front row, come on bro, you gotta hear me! So, I tried and tried and tried and tired, but clearly he didn’t hear me! So I eventually caught his attention, and I made a heart and pointed at him, so he winked at me and threw a pick at me and yeah, he didn’t throw it far enough and I was like, COME ONNN! And he laughed and told me to tell the security to get it for me, lmfao, I love him! So, right before, If It Means A Lot To You, Jeremy came back on stage and said something about Kevin and me, being me I was like jumping and was like, YEAHHH! And OF COURSE, Jeremy notices me and goes, I think Kevins your favorite! And I was like, YESSS! And he was like, Kevin, she’s your favorite member, oh I said that wrong! And than Kevin turns back around and goes, wait, whaaat?! And Jeremy was like, your her favorite! And Kevins like whooo? And Jeremy pointed at me and Kevin laughed and said something, I really don’t remember and threw his pick at me and I caught it! Ughh, lmfao, Jeremy embarrassing me, I really can’t! Jeremy held my hand during the last song, obviously being, To Plot To Bomb The Panhandle, and he like sang to me, as well as Kevin, Josh, & Neil throughout the night! I cannot even type out the feelings I had, I did cry though after Jeremy did that whole thing with Kevin with me! And hmm, Kevin like touched a few hands before he got off stage and touched mine and smiled. Ughh, I love him so much, I love that band so much!

Okay, so after the show! I went to the side, by the tour buses to meet them. Whose the one and only person who comes out? Of course, it’s my favorite, Kevin Skaff!
So, I call him over and he came straight to me! So the picture of Kevin is a picture my friend Mark took when, Kevin and I were talking. I handed him that blue monkey and than I started to explain to him about how I wrote them a letter and wrote an essay in school about ADTR saves lives and he looked really shocked and happy and he opened it and saw the letter and was like, WOAHHHH! THIS IS LONG! And I was like, I knowwww! Lmfao, so anyway, than I asked him what his favorite color was, and he was like, it’s actually blue, and I was like, I fucking knew it and turned to my friend Becky and said, I fucking told you! So than I explained to him how I want to get all the members to draw me hearts so I can get it tattooed with their favorite colors, so I got that done today!
After that I asked him for a picture and asked the girl who was taking the picture of us to switch sides, so I could be on my good side so I can look good because I was making the picture my facebook default, and of course Kevin laughed! Before I took the picture I was like, I don’t know if you remember but Uniondale Warped Tour, Long Island, NY, the girl who gave you a surprise kiss? He was like, yeahhh?? I was like, yeah, that was me! He was like, was it really? And I was like, yeah, it was! So needless to say, after the picture, I was like to him, instead of giving you a surprise kiss can I just give you a kiss? And he was like, I’ll even act surprised! So I gave him a kiss on the cheek and he was like, WOAHHH! Lmfao, so he went on to the next person, and of course, I asked him for a hug after he and I took the picture!
So, I forgot to show him my chest piece, so I was like, Kevin, I’m sorry to be that girl, but I’m going to be that girl, I forgot to show you something! And he was like, whatsup? I showed him my chest piece, and he was like, I can’t really see, I don’t have my contacts in, let me just say, I almost died, because I love him so much in glasses and I LOVE the fact he wears glasses/contacts! So, my friend Nicole told him what it says, and he’s like, Have Faith In Me? That’s awesome! And than I was starting to cry/shake and than I was like, GET HIM AWAY FROM ME, I CAN’T BE NEAR HIM! And that’s it, I sat there, I completely broke up, I was hysterical crying and shaking. And when he was leaving, everyone was screaming, KEVIN, BYE, I LOVE YOU! And my friend yelling, KEVIN, YOUR BIGGEST FAN LOVES YOU! And he turned around and said, “I love her too!” and pointed at me! And than I just cried more and more and more!
Like, literally, no one in this whole entire world will never understand how much I love this man. I’ve been in love with him since 2008, back in his Four Letter Lie days, and just the fact he’s in my favorite band, makes everything so much fucking better!

Last night was the most amazing night of my life and I can never in my whole entire life,   repay/payback/give back what these men have done for me. They are the reason why I’m alive and where I am tonight.

Everyone has that ONE band that they will hold on to forever, and for me that’s ADTR!

I really hope they read the letter and finally understand what they mean to me.

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